September 8, 2021   //   Business Consulting   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


By: LucaNet

The world of finance managers such as CFOs and controllers is changing at a rapid pace. Finance departments are therefore under constant pressure to prepare real-time information and reliable analysis to support strategic business decisions. Dramatic changes in business models and numerous new regulatory requirements with ever-shorter cycles for financial statements and reporting are forcing companies to take another look at their procedures and processes. Only businesses that recognize the need to implement modern financial performance management solutions in this era of digitalization will have a clear competitive advantage.

Financial Performance Management (FPM) refers to software solutions that assist a finance department with compiling consolidated financial statements, financial planning, analysis and reporting. The insights gained from this comprehensive set of data create a basis for taking important strategic decisions that affect the organization as a whole.

Contents of this white paper

  • The challenge: Keeping pace with change
  • The reality: Huge drain on time while still not delivering any clear insights
  • The solution: Professional software that gives you a clear picture of your finances
  • Checklist: When do you need FPM software?
  • Here is what analysts are saying: BARC honors LucaNet as an FPM market leader.
  • Practical tips: How LucaNet makes your life easier in the Finance department.

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