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By: Sage Intacct

Last year, our 2020 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report provided insight into how nonprofits leverage technology to achieve their mission. When we published the results in February 2020, we had no idea how our world would be turned upside down just one month later.

The global pandemic and the subsequent health and economic impacts have forced people around the world to alter their day-to-day activities. The nonprofit community faced a dichotomy of grappling with organizational disruptions, while also being looked to for leadership to support and respond to the overwhelming societal challenges.

As nonprofits dealt with market uncertainty, higher demand for services with fewer resources, and the need for innovations to overcome challenges, many turned to technology to address these issues. In an industry where dollars mean the difference
between having or not having meals, housing, healthcare, or education, the right technology can help improve efficiency, achieve compliance, save money, and ultimately, deliver greater mission impact.

With that in mind, we once again launched our annual nonprofit technology survey. Over 500 nonprofit finance leaders in the U.S. participated in the research study, providing their perspective on the industry, the challenges they hey face, and technology engagement—in and out of the context of the pandemic.

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