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By: Sage Intacct

2022 could be referred to as the year of the nonprofit. As challenges continue amidst the repercussions of the global pandemic, the results of our third annual Nonprofit Technology Trends survey showed tremendous resiliency and creativity in the nonprofit sector. Given this is the third annual report, we are in the unique position to compare key nonprofit metrics from pre-, during, and post-pandemic markets; although we recognize “post-pandemic” is an optimistic term at this writing.

In 2020, our Nonprofit Technology Trends Report provided interesting and helpful insight into how nonprofits leverage technology to achieve their mission. In 2022, the pandemic and the subsequent health and economic impacts forced nonprofits to deal with organizational disruptions, while also being looked to for leadership to support and respond to the overwhelming societal challenges.

With that in mind, we launched our 2022 nonprofit technology survey asking finance leaders across the nonprofit sector to provide their perspective on the industry, the challenges they face, and technology engagement—in and out of the context of the pandemic.

As we look forward to 2022, we can celebrate the resiliency and brilliance of this sector. In this report, we will share not just encouraging numbers from over 900 nonprofit finance leaders, but examples of creativity that allowed nonprofits to not just survive—but thrive—in 2022.

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