May 22, 2014   //   International   //   By Alex Krog


It doesn’t seem to matter what it is, nothing is ever going to be as easy as you thought it would be.  For example, I thought that I was going to graduate college, pass my CPA exams, and get a good job. I am 3 for 3! Then I thought somewhere around now I’d have a girlfriend, live in my own house, and be preparing for a wedding on December 13, 2014 (12/13/14, come on it’s a cool date!) I am 0 for 3 here but do have plans. Down the road, I plan on having a son named Axelander Alexander Krog. The tradition in our family is for the son’s middle name to be the father’s first name, I feel terrible for my future wife.

Anyway, very rarely does anything happen the way that you think it would.

This brings me to some fun with German words! Especially with German, a lot of the words are similar or the same like the ones below for example:

Hand is Hand.
Finger is Finger.
Wasser is Water.
Garten is Garden.
Buch is Book.
Pepperoni is not Pepperoni.  Ummmm… What?

I was going out to eat last weekend after seeing a two hour movie all in German, it was finally explained to me why I was getting these big peppers on every pizza that I ordered since I arrived.  Pepperoni in German is chilies.  Salami is pepperoni.  Should’ve known…

Things I think, I think

I think I miss all of the carbonation and ice in soft drinks from America.  German ‘pop’ just doesn’t do it for me. (I can’t have beer at every meal, you know)

I have been craving chicken wings for like two weeks straight, I think it’s just me going through fatty food withdrawal.

A lot of people in Germany wear big glasses.  I think I’m becoming a big fan.

Before the movie started this last week, there were like 8-10 minutes of previews for movies coming out, and then these two random people showed up, the lights came back on and for five minutes they sold ice cream!!  They were like vendors you’d see at a baseball game.  After they were done, another ten minutes of previews occurred.  I think America is missing out on some revenue

If you take this idea and run with it, you owe me money.

Enjoy your holiday on Monday… I have to work.

Alex Krog, CPA is an Audit Associate and participant of Mueller’s Global Employee Exchange Program.