April 14, 2016   //   Firm News   //   By Mueller Interns


Why did I choose the world’s most exciting career path? It’s simple; options. College is a huge investment, one in which I desire a certain return. Personally, this type of return is not valued on financial wealth alone but is also measured in job security. It was not realistic for my 20-year old self to understand what type of career I would contribute the most success to or find the most fulfillments from, let alone having the life-experience necessary to make that type of decision. However, I’ve always known and been confident in a pursuit of a business degree.

The CPA credential provides flexibility for movement and is promising in terms of opportunity. Therefore, it seemed only right to major in accountancy and start to get a foot in the Big Four arena. This was my plan until Mueller representatives showed up at an NIU student accountancy association event to talk about their firm. There was something genuine in the way the firm was described; ultimately changing my direction of thought towards not what firm provides the most potential but in which type of environment I could reach my own potential.  I understand that I perform best when I am comfortable and feel significant not only as a person but in the value my hard work provides the organization I am contributing to. This does not necessarily align with the culture of some larger corporations and I found that I lost all interest entirely.

I made the right choice seeking out Mueller, and my experience in the internship program stands as proof. My fall internship did not consist of traditional financial statement audit experience but allowed me to work in an area I show great interest for, that being, SOC compliance. The reason for my enthusiasm here is largely based on my liking for observing how companies leverage technology. Being under the wings of helpful, experienced auditors, it’s safe to say what I learned was insurmountable and my expectations were more than met.

Ultimately, I found the most satisfaction within what Mueller really is about, their employees. Of course I like the work I am involved in, but what makes me happy to go to work in the morning is knowing the people I’ve grown to care for will be there. This type of environment is not one that can be replicated or replaced easily. With all this being said and everything considered, the best part of my experience with Mueller starts and ends with the people who make up this firm.