November 22, 2016   //   Firm News   //   By Mueller Interns


I graduated from the accountancy program at Northern Illinois University just a few weeks prior to starting my internship. I chose accounting as a major in college because of the flexibility and the opportunities for growth. The people I heard from and the research that I did all led to one conclusion; you cannot go wrong with an accounting degree. Having a degree in accounting can open up many doors that other business degrees cannot. All I knew was that I had a passion for business and a degree in accounting would provide the tools to help me be successful.

My internship so far has consisted of many different things. I get to learn something new every day across all areas of accounting. The knowledge I have gained thus far are not things that someone can learn in a classroom. The Accounting Services department has made sure that I am constantly challenging myself and trying new things so that I can understand all the different aspects of accounting.

My favorite thing about Mueller has been the people. From day one I was accepted as part of the team and that has not changed. Everyone has been very helpful and has been available to answer questions to help guide me on the right path to be successful. Not only do I enjoy my co-workers inside the workplace, but outside the workplace as well. Since I started my internship, I have had opportunities to bond with my co-workers through charitable activities that are fun and beneficial. Having a good work environment was always a big factor for me when deciding on places to work, and Mueller has done a great job in providing that.

The above submission was provided when Dan interned at Mueller, He has subsequently been offered and accepted a full time position.