April 9, 2018   //   Firm News   //   By Dana Campagna


I am an intern in the Accounting Services Department aka Outsourced Accounting here at Mueller. I attend the University of Iowa and am double majoring in accounting and finance. I plan to graduate in the spring of 2019 when I have 150 credit hours under my belt, and then I will sit for the CPA exam. Going into college I knew I wanted to get into business, but accounting was not on my radar. When I took my first couple of accounting classes, I found the concepts interesting and really enjoyed going to class. I decided to pick accounting as my major and I am happy I did. Every business in today’s world deals with accounting in some sort of way; therefore, there are endless work opportunities for those who have a skill for analyzing numbers and working with financial statements.

My internship has involved a lot of new experiences and real hands-on learning; something I have not been exposed to by sitting in a classroom. I am able to work on new things on a regular basis, which keeps my day interesting and lively. Working in the Accounting Services Department is unique because I am able to touch on all areas of accounting, from tax, to reporting, to even setting new clients up in our software system. At Mueller, they treat me like a full time employee, which helps me feel a part of the team, and it is great knowing that I have made a difference from the start. Everyone is friendly and helpful when it comes to questions because my co-workers care about my success and want me to be comfortable.

Overall, the internship has been rewarding, challenging, and a tremendous learning experience.