March 1, 2016   //   Firm News   //   By Mueller Interns


I received my Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University’s College of Business majoring in Accountancy. I had been in the sales/marketing field for years and wanted a change of careers. I explored several options available to me at the time and it quickly became apparent that accounting was the profession for me. Accounting is a well-respected profession with lots of options and opportunities after graduation. After interviewing with several major CPA firms in the Chicagoland area, I knew Mueller was my first choice. The people, environment, atmosphere, and most importantly the opportunities provided by the company, really made them stand out from the competition. I knew I would have the chance to work on a wide range of clientele and accounting procedures. Mueller did not disappoint. Since the start of my audit internship, Mueller has treated me with respect and as a permanent member of the team. I was visiting and working directly with clients starting the second week of my internship, and I haven’t looked back. Every week brings a new and exciting opportunity to use and expand my knowledge.