June 24, 2019   //   Firm News Tax   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


I was an intern in the Tax Department here at Mueller. Starting right before the busy season picked up, knowing only what I had learned in class and no experience in the industry, I was terribly nervous and didn’t know what to expect. That’s where the horrors of an internship end in my story. Plagued with nightmares of fetching coffee and making copies, I hesitantly started on my first day.

I was welcomed with smiles and firm handshakes all around. Whenever I had a question, everyone seemed eager to help. As soon as the training was finished, I was given fulfilling work and projects. I felt like I was contributing to the Firm and that the Firm appreciated me and my work.

I have never experienced an atmosphere of openness and willingness to help and teach like I have at Mueller. Not just from coworkers and direct supervisors, but every level of staff including the partners here wanted me to grow and succeed. I felt like they were invested in me, which made me invest in this Firm.

Speaking with friends in other internships, it seemed like many regretted their decision and couldn’t wait for it to be over. I couldn’t wait to come in the next day. A paycheck is nice, but actively being taught and nurtured to grow in a new job is not something you find very often.

I urge anyone looking to start in the accounting field to apply for an internship here. Finding a Firm that cares about their interns is a priceless experience.

The above submission was provided when Joel interned at Mueller. He has subsequently been offered and accepted a full time position.