June 15, 2022   //   Firm News   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


By: Kevin Gorski

When I started at PKF Mueller, it was during the busy season as a part of their inaugural rotational internship. When I started the internship, I had already earned my bachelor’s degree last spring and was completing my master’s degree. In just a few months as an intern at PKF Mueller, I gained more knowledge and experience than in all my college years. In college, learning the concepts can undoubtedly help form a foundation. But through this internship, I could take my foundational accounting knowledge and build upon it. The rotational aspect of the internship allowed for the freedom to choose what type of accounting suits you and pick a path. Ultimately, I determined that my preferred type of accounting would be tax work.

Towards the end of my internship, I began to work primarily on tax work. I gained abundant knowledge through my experiences and those around me willing to mentor me. After the busy internship season, I was offered a role as a Tax Associate with the firm. My knowledge and experience as an accountant have only continued to grow in my new position. I have been given the opportunity to be exposed to different kinds of tax areas, explore them all, and find a niche. Overall, my experience at PKF Mueller has been nothing short of amazing. The people here are always willing to help, and the firm wants to help you grow in your career.