March 27, 2019   //   Firm News   //   By Sal Arguello


My name is Sal Arguello, I am a senior at Northern Illinois University and will graduate this May. I am currently studying accounting because I enjoy critical thinking and piecing things together. After graduation I plan on attending Graduate school and will start the examination process of becoming a CPA.

When I started college I did not know what specific area of accounting I wanted to work in. I applied for Mueller’s Audit Internship program to try and narrow down my options. Now having experience working as an audit intern, I have a better understanding of the field and I love it. I have learned so much at Mueller, from doing hands-on work to having one-on-one time with the auditors to answer my questions. I was surprised at how much work I was allowed to help with and never felt as if I was on my own or that I could not ask for help. Working on jobs for clients in various industries gave me the opportunity to see how different businesses function and gave me a deeper insight to what I have learned in school.

Mueller is an exceptional firm filled with hardworking and bright people. It has been very enjoyable getting to know the people and culture here, and I very much would like to continue to work in this environment in the future.