October 5, 2022   //   Firm News Tax   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions

To all of our clients who reside, work, or own property in Florida ~ We are here for you.

PKF Mueller has seen and felt the devastation of Hurricane Ian. As we start to recover and rebuild, we want you to know we are prepared to assist where we can.

First, if your 2021 tax return was on extension and due after 09/23/22, it has been extended until 02/15/23. This includes personal tax returns, corporations whose 2021 extensions run out 10/17/22, and tax-exempt organizations due 11/15/22. We will be working on getting those returns filed as quickly as possible.

If you are required to make an estimated tax payment on 10/15/22 and 01/15/23, those payments have been extended until 02/15/23.

Quarterly payroll tax returns due 10/31/22 and 01/31/23 have also been extended to 02/15/23. Again, we will be working to file these returns as soon as possible and as close to their original due dates.

Many of you will qualify for personal casualty losses for the Federally declared disaster area. If you think you may be eligible, please reach out to PKF Mueller. We will work with you to collect and provide the necessary documents to report your loss.

Our Sarasota office is currently closed due to a power outage. We will let you know as soon as it is up and running again. Until then, we are available through email. If you are having difficulty getting in contact with us, you can reach us via our headquarters in Elgin, IL, at +1 847 888 8600.

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