Financial Consulting

Customized Business Planning

The most successful companies have strategic plans. Strategy defines what the company wants to be and strategic planning identifies how to get there. PKF Mueller’s Consulting professionals are the best at helping companies with strategic, operational, and financial planning.

Business and Executive Services

Executive Services
  • Succession Planning
  • Exit Planning
  • Restricted Stock Services
  • Rule 144 Stock Sales
  • Stock Option
  • Executive Bonus Plans
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
Retirement Plans
  • 401K
  • Defined Benefit
  • SEP
  • Solo K

Success doesn't just happen.
It is planned.

Financial Services

Investment Management
  • Stock, Bonds, Mutual Funds and ETF’s
  • Asset Allocation Analysis
  • Risk Tolerance Assessment
  • Private Equity and Real Estate
Liability Management
  • Life Insurance
  • Annuities
  • Long Term Care

Financial and Estate Planning

  • Net Worth and Cash Flow Analysis
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Tax Planning
  • Trust Planning
  • Charitable Giving Strategies
  • Education Funding
  • Social Security Analysis
  • Medicare Analysis

Strategic Planning

  • Clear business direction summarized in a strategic statement
  • Description of the business in 3 to 5 years
  • Analysis of current and future markets and for its products and/or services
  • Assessment of the internal environment, key employees, and management team
  • Appraisal of the company strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)
  • Establishment of goals and key objectives to measure success
  • Placed benchmarks as guides and triggers

Operational Planning

A business’s operational plan is its current year plan to achieve its long term objectives. An operational plan should include forecasted financials, which allows the business to numerically identify how and when the business is going to achieve its current year goals. An operational plan will:

  • Identify the current year goals for the business in order to keep everyone working on the same goals
  • Provide action steps to achieve these goals
  • Establish metrics and accountability for these action steps
  • Incorporates incentives to promote the achievement of the business’s goals

Proper planning is 100% essential for any aspect of your business to succeed.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a determination of how a business can afford to realize their strategic goals. It validates the business plan by confirming that the objectives set are financially achievable. Four key components to business financial planning include:

  • Budgeting
  • Forecasting
  • Break Even Analysis
  • Cash Flow Forecasting

Customized Planning - Payroll Protection Program

Through the Cares Act and specifically, the Payroll Protection Program, many small businesses received loans to help them during the COVID-19 crisis. Our attention has been on assisting over hundreds of clients and business colleagues in applying for PPP loans. We are not done. We know that businesses need help with not only loan forgiveness application assistance, but also with PPP allowable expense record keeping, cash flow forecasting, expense reduction, budgeting and more. If you find yourself needing guidance, even if we were not involved originally involved with you when acquiring these funds, contact us. Our team is experienced, committed, and here to help.

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