Fraud & Forensics

Nearly half of all businesses experience fraud at some point and with our current economic crisis this number is expected to grow. The losses experienced can be devastating to a firm. PKF Mueller’s Fraud and Forensic Group utilizes accounting skills to investigate fraud and embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings.

How We Work

Our team can help you understand trends in occupational fraud, provide risk assessments, valuations, contract disputes advisory service, and help you create internal control strategies as part of a comprehensive asset protection program.

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Our Services

Financial Investigation and Risk Assessment

  • Fraud and misconduct
  • Embezzlement & theft; employee and vendors
  • International currency transactions
  • Unreported income
  • Collateral audits
  • Financial reporting irregularities and defalcations
  • Financial record reconstruction and insurance claim support

Forensic Technology

  • Electronic Data Analysis to analyze large data sets to determine patterns of irregularities or fraud.
  • Engagement objectives generally associated with Forensic Technology may include the technical aspects of collection, preservation, and production of ESI (electronically stored information).
  • Providing project management services on the processing and reviewing of preserved ESI.

Litigation Support

  • Expert Witness Report: Authoring reports of professional opinion for the purposes of supporting a legal cause of action or legal argument.
  • Privileged Consultant Report: Providing analysis or consulting services to attorneys for the purposes of helping to educate them and their clients about specific technical topics.

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