November 4, 2022   //   Firm News   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


I started at PKF Mueller as an Intern during the busy season through the summertime. Overall, during the highs and lows of COVID, working in the office helped me concentrate and learn more. The PKF team was very helpful, understanding, and adjustable to the knowledge we brought. They helped us learn and understand new things we would encounter. This internship helped me not only to understand accounting but also helped me choose the niche I wanted to explore more. The internship gave me a lot of hands-on fieldwork, even through the pandemic. Going into the field and meeting the clients helped me learn more about the job. I have met at least four to five clients so far in my first year, which has helped me understand what goes into the job and the work we do.

When I finished my bachelor’s degree, I officially started in the audit department here at PKF Mueller. Being in the internship for over eight months has helped me gain the knowledge I need to succeed and grow. It has also helped me be more organized with my work.

During the internship here, you will explore all the departments in PKF Mueller. Meeting the team members in each department has helped show that everyone is here for everyone. No one is alone here; someone can help you with pretty much anything. I plan to start studying for the CPA exam here over the next year and will get reimbursed for some of the cost I incur for the license. Here at PKF Mueller, they want to see everyone not only learn but grow as an individual. Overall, this internship was very flexible, informative, and professional. Once you are part of the team, it is hard to say you would ever want to leave.