Public Companies

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Being a public company or a potential public company brings added complexity, challenges, and opportunities to your accounting and finance teams. The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) independence rules limit the amount of assistance that your external auditor can provide. Working with experienced professionals at PKF Mueller can help you untangle your complexity, overcome your challenges, and take advantage of the opportunities.

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Assistance

  • Design and implementation of SOX 302 Controls
  • Design and implementation of SOX 404 Controls
  • Design and implementation of Information Technology General Controls

Outsourced Internal Audit

At PKF Mueller, we have the expertise to assist with a Company’s internal audit function. This includes:

  • Complete outsourcing of a Company’s internal audit function
  • Assistance in design and implementation of the internal audit program
  • Review of internal audit workpapers
  • Internal audit staffing, including management level, on an as-needed basis

External Audit Assistance

Dealing with external auditors can be a full-time job. Many times, audit requests and communication can become lost in translation. At PKF Mueller, we have the expertise to decipher what external auditors are actually looking for. This is especially true for a Company’s IT General Controls and IT Department and related external audit testing. This includes communicating and negotiating the risk landscape of the Client with the external auditor. This reduces time spent testing, documenting, and corresponding for both the external auditor and internally. Services include:

  • Management response assistance to audit findings
  • External audit scoping assistance
  • Assistance in fulfilling internal and external audit requests
  • Audit request translation and clarification
  • Facilitation and organization of fulfilling audit requests

Technical Accounting Services

  • Adoption of new accounting standards
  • Business combinations and asset acquisitions
  • Stock-based compensation
  • Cheap stock considerations
  • Segment disclosures
  • Earnings per share calculations and disclosures
  • Impairment analysis for goodwill, intangibles, and long-lived assets
  • Unique one-off transactions

Financial Reporting Services

  • Financial statement preparation / review
  • Pro forma financial information
  • Disclosure assistance
  • Carve-outs
  • Spin-offs
  • Restatement assistance

Tax Services

  • Annual and quarterly income tax provision
  • Deferred tax valuation allowance analysis
  • Transfer pricing
  • Income tax footnote assistance
  • Unrecognized tax benefits analysis

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