June 29, 2021   //   Firm News Tax   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


PKF Mueller partners with Avalara to prepare Sales Tax Returns using Managed Returns for Accountants.

Avalara Managed Returns for Accountants is a cloud-based sales tax returns solution designed exclusively for accounting firms. It enables PKF Mueller to extend our practice with sales tax preparation and filing services, giving our clients all the benefits of a fully managed returns service.

Avalara can manage the filing process for all PKF Mueller clients and their returns from a single dashboard designed for accountant workflow, with customizable, multi-client views. There’s no need to juggle multiple spreadsheets or sign into several systems or state websites. Everything is handled through one cloud-based system.

Managed Returns for Accountants automatically prepares tax returns based on the appropriate government forms and state and local requirements, eliminating the need to navigate multiple departments of revenue sites.

Avalara works with departments of revenue directly. Once PKF Mueller approves a tax liability worksheet for clients, Avalara handles the filing, payment, and related notice management (at the firm’s request) on behalf of our clients and keeps us up to date on the filing status.

As a cloud-based solution, PKF Mueller staff can manage our clients’ sales tax returns from any location, keeping our business nimble and efficient.

Managed Returns for Accountants provides robust data import functions to easily aggregate client sales information from multiple channels and marketplaces.

Managed Returns for Accountants provides strong security controls designed to keep our clients’ data safe. Learn more about Avalara security on their platform page.

For more information, please contact your PKF Mueller representative or:

James J. Hare, Jr.
Client Advisory Services Partner
+1 847 649 8802