August 29, 2019   //   Not-For-Profit   //   By PKF Mueller Solutions


We have recently seen an increase in notices from the IL Attorney General to our Not-for-Profit clients rejecting their AG990-IL returns for signature issues.  When the returns are rejected the clock does NOT restart for submission, so most are also deemed late and the client has to pay an extra $100 or $200 for late filing.  In one case a client had their charitable registration completely canceled and had to re-apply. In another, the Attorney General’s office indicated that they never received the original return. It seems that this is a new compliance push.

You should be more conscientious than ever of the proper procedure for this paper-filed return. It is not electronically file-able.  It is not considered timely filed until it is accepted by the Attorney General’s office (postmark dates don’t count).

The form requires TWO client trustee/director/officer signatures and the signature of the paid preparer.  All must be original signatures (not scanned/faxed/copied) on the same piece of paper, so logistics can be a problem and may take additional time.  To speed up the process, please provide both client signers’ names and titles up-front and don’t delay in signing and filing the return.  We also recommend that certified mail be used, as a method of tracking the submission of the return.

For additional information contact:

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